Tina Y. Gerber

I believe everyone wants to love deeply and experience a meaningful 
life. While there is a finite amount of space around you; I believe the 
capacity for space in your heart is limitless! However, many people 
filled it with the lesser things, which can make your heart feel small 
and constricted. If your heart is heavy, locked up, and blocked with 
pain, ask the Creator for help because you definitely can’t do this 
alone. With the business of life, you may mask a heavy heart. The only 
way to repair the damage is to slow down and address your aching heart. 
Once you understand your value as a child of God, you are freed up to 
live life with purpose and joy.

I wonder about all the risk takers? God has given many individuals 
talent whether acknowledgement is given to Him or not. We read stories 
and remain interested in the public lives of famous individuals, 
regardless of the controversy they are confronted with, and we continue 
to admire them for the lives they live. But, my question remains the 
same: is that person truly successful? I was sick of hearing about all 
that basketball drama in Toronto. I small would rather hear an engaging 
commentary about the dad, who made time for his son’s little league 
game, or the dad who works late but manages to come home and read his 
little girl a bedtime story. To me that is true success.

Your feelings of self is comprised by what others think and feel about 
you. Living in your head space means working around your self-image 
which is determined by others. Why would you want to mold yourself into 
an image that others would like to see or be? Just be yourself. I read 
that risk takers are more likely to be successful because they do not 
limit themselves, and are willing to put  their energy into something, 
anything, while most of us are hesitant. There are so many ideas that 
are set in our minds that sometimes we do the craziest things for no 
other reason than that is the way we have always done it. Or perhaps we 
are told that this is the right way to do it. We have so many mixed 
messages tossed at us in life that it can be damaging to set personal 
goals based on external factors.

The only way Christ can come into your heart, and into your life is if 
you seek Him. You are created in the image of God already, and God will 
not come into your heart/life until he is invited. If you want God to be 
involved with your everyday life, speak to Him. First you must yield 
your life admitting you have sinned and seek the Lord with all your 
heart, mind, and soul. Ask Him to forgive you, and that you are willing 
to change the direction of your life by acknowledging Jesus Christ as 
your Lord and Saviour. God loves you because you are His. He loves you 
because He made you and knows the amazing person you can become, if you let Him. No matter what your analysis of your own worth, no one is more important to God than YOU. People have missed out simply because they fail to take God at his word.