The DRPS is encouraging cyclists to stay safe while on the road

by The Standard | Podcast September 3rd, 2020

for The Standard

DURHAM: A video was released on August 21st on the Durham Regional Police Service’s (DRPS) Facebook page.
In the video, Dr. Carlye Jensen, an emergency physician, stated many people are injured or killed while riding their bicycles on the rural roads across Durham Region, “These tragedies are preventable.”
Constable Anil Maharaj of the DRPS said there are a few ways cyclist riding their bicycles in North Durham can stay safe and reach their destination.
The video continued to list ways cyclists can stay safe while on the roads.
The first safety tip for cyclists is to be seen by wearing bright clothing, carry a flashlight or install a light on their bicycle. By increasing your visibility, it will help other motorists know that you are there.
The second tip is to be respectful of other people using the road, like people driving their cars or other motorized vehicles. For cyclists to be respectful, the video suggested riding in single file while in small groups, generally applicable for when traveling uphill. Cyclists are asked to ride in a single file formation because, as the narrator in the video explained, machinery cannot stop quickly to avoid a collision.
While on the road, especially with other motorized vehicles, cyclists should maintain a steady speed and be aware of approaching traffic behind or coming toward them.
Residents looking to report any traffic related incidents in the area are asked to contact the North Durham Traffic Safety Coordinator by email at or by phone at 905-579-1520, extension 2666.