KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist RMT

KAWARTHA LAKES: Exactly 20 years ago, local health care was transformed with the acquisition of the community’s first CT scanner. It was a landmark achievement that would not have been possible without generous donations from the public. Donor support was also instrumental in 2011 when the Ross Memorial’s original CT scanner was replaced with an advanced model that provided pinpoint accuracy in less time and with less radiation.

CT imaging is a critical tool for diagnosing injuries and disease, and for guiding surgeries and cancer treatments.

“As a general surgeon, I am keenly aware of how important it is for patients to get CT scans as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Jamie McNabb. “To localize internal bleeding, to diagnose blood clots and stroke, and to guide cancer treatments. CT imaging is our partner in precision care.”

Dr. McNabb is partnering with the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) Foundation to highlight the urgent need for a new, state-of-the-art CT scanner for the community. Dr. McNabb joined the Ross Memorial’s team of surgeons in 2001, the same year the hospital launched CT imaging services.

“Skillful attention to detail can be the difference that saves a patient’s life,” said Dr. McNabb. “CT imaging is a critical component of how we plan our patients’ safest path forward.”

The pace of scientific advancements and 24/7 use of the community’s CT scanner are a challenge. The RMH does not receive government funding to cover the cost of replacing this life-saving technology. In a letter being delivered throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes, Dr. McNabb said, “it’s up to us as a community to make it happen.”

“Twenty years ago on April 20th, more than 400 people came to the hospital for an open house to see the new CT scanner and celebrate this major community accomplishment,” stated Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “The impact of CT imaging is as critical to patient care today as it was 20 years ago. Once again, we’re counting on donors to be our partners in precision care and keep this indispensable technology here at the Ross.”

“Our community has been fortunate to have CT imaging supporting patients of all ages with precision care for a generation,” shared Heather Richardson, Foundation Board Chair. “This investment in new technology will impact care for years to come. I hope everyone who can make a gift will feel proud to be a part of this ongoing community effort to advance local care and grow services close to home.”