SCUGOG: Sarah Whalen-Wright is the federal NDP candidate for the Durham riding.
Ms. Whalen-Wright told The Standard while she loves her job as a 
teacher, she saw the effects cuts by the Ontario Conservative government 
to the education sector had, and felt her voice could be useful on a 
“bigger platform.”
She talked about what it’s going to be like trying to win a seat that 
has been held by the Conservatives for a while.
“It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but I want to promote the NDP 
values, and help people connect on a human level with it,” Ms. 
Whalen-Wright said. “I’m not naive to the fact [the Durham riding has 
traditionally voted Conservative] but through talking to people, you 
never know.”
She pointed to the progress the NDP made at the provincial level in the 
last election as a reason to be positive about her chances.
“I am optimistic. I saw the progress made [on provincial candidate Joel 
Usher’s campaign]. We want to push the idea that there are more than two parties,” she said. “We’ve seen things shift before.”
One of the parts of the NDP’s platform, Ms. Whalen-Wright pointed to as 
important is the Green New Deal.
“We have a whole population that green technologies could make a really 
a big difference for,” she said.
She told The Standard what she’s heard from talking to residents 
regarding the issues they feel are important in the 2019 election.
“The really big ones are the environment and climate crisis, education in general and healthcare. People are worried about the privatization of 
these services and the NDP are not interested in that.”
She said the NDP may appeal to people who are “frustrated with the 
Liberals and Conservatives.”
Ms. Whalen-Wright explained her role as an educator has given her 
experience with people from all walks of life, and has taught her how to 
work “with people who may not always agree.”
“The key to this is relationship building,” she said.
She also promised North Durham will not be an afterthought in her campaign.
“I want to show that we care about all parts of the riding,” she said. 
“I’m willing to work with any constituent if elected.”
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