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Dan Cearns

Dan Cearns is a reporter for The Standard Newspaper, so if you see him, feel free to say hello.

People are people

People are people by The Standard | June 11th, 2020 Podcast I’m sure many of you reading this have heard the famous quote “the only...

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A new hire

Toronto Maple Leafs fans received some surprising news recently. Assistant coach Paul McFarland will be leaving the team at the end of this season, to return to the Kingston Frontenacs, to be their head coach. While it’s sad to...

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Let’s be smart

Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve read, learned about and wrote about a number of community initiatives that have helped local residents, neighbourhoods, hospital staff and other frontline workers during this time. But,...

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Filling the time

It’s been a while now since the province of Ontario declared a state of emergency because of this COVID-19 situation. I understand if some people are getting a little bored while quarantining. If you are, I have some ideas of...

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Post COVID world

First off, before I begin this week’s column, I just want to say I hope everyone is doing ok and staying healthy during this pandemic.I, like many people most likely, am looking forward to the day regular life returns to what we...

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Best Leaf Team

Best Leaf Team by The Standard News Inc. | April 2nd, 2020 Edition I understand it’s been an interesting time for fans of sports teams in...

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Better safe than sorry

Despite missing sports, I feel like the decision by leagues like NHL, NBA and MLS to suspend their seasons was the right one. At a time like this, with the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic, to make sure this doesn’t get worse,...

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