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Dan Cearns

Dan Cearns is a reporter for The Standard Newspaper, so if you see him, feel free to say hello.

Public care only

After a recent incident, at a long-term care facility in Durham Region, there should be no question of what needs to happen next. It’s time for the Ontario provincial government to put a stop to, private, for-profit companies...

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Winning signal

The Toronto Blue Jays have finally signalled they are going to be a serious contender in the American League East division next season. The Jays added power to their lineup recently, when they signed outfielder George Springer...

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Schenn an option

Being in as big a hockey market as the Toronto Maple Leafs are, there are always going to be big rumours flying. The team needs to fix their defence, specifically on the right side, and thus the team has been linked to possible...

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