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A veteran artist shows his work

UXBRIDGE: Allan McGillivray has been painting for 50 years. Many people don’t realize that the retired teacher, curator, author, and beloved member of our community, is also an accomplished artist. Over Allan’s life, painting...

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GREENBANK by Mary Jean Till

The half an inch of rain we had on Saturday here, has already brought a tinge of green to brown grassy areas. Some of the other surrounding areas received more rain than that.Many lovely flowers adorned grave sites at the Annual...

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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

Great news everyone! We have all be waiting for a long time for the Royal Garden Chinese restaurant to reopen. I just found out that on Wednesday, August 28th , at 11:30 a.m. the doors will open. Mark your calendars. We have...

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CAESAREA by Eleanor Colwell

Caesarea Nestleton Euchre Scores for August 15th: Sheila Patterson finished in first with 95 points, and she also had seven lone hands. Nancy Davey and Alma Manns tied for second place, and Nancy also had the most lone hands...

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SEAGRAVE by Jean Short

We finally got a little rain on the weekend. We need more to help with the growth in the pastures for the animals, but what we got will help make our lawns a little greener.Thank-you to the volunteers and to those who attended...

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